Claim Beta v2 Role
We utilize an automated Web3 membership management platform called to help us with this process in a decentralized manner.
As a prerequisite, you will need to join our Discord server.
1) Find the #🚪|join channel in the server and you will see a message that prompts you to verify your wallet. Click on "Join Increment Beta v2".
2) If you have previously connected with Guild, you should automatically claim the tester role, congrats!
If not, a message like the one below will automatically pop out and now you should click on "Join", which will open up another window.
3) There may be a warning message that pops out notifying you that you will be redirected to a new page. We shall proceed, so click "Yep!"
4) Now, verify that the website address is and then select a browser wallet to connect. In this example, we will use MetaMask.
5) Now you are ready to join once you have connected with the system.
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