Ranked and Honors

From the depths of the liquidity pools to the towering peaks of funding rates, within the realm of the Increment protocol, there exists an opportunity for all to contribute and thrive.

In a community effort to foster a transparent progression in user impact and growth on the Increment protocol, the Ranked and Honors program is developed to reward participants for their positive contributions, beyond the profits they already receive.

Inspired by Optimism’s RetroPGF, this initiative implements a similar idea but on an application level and aims to empower a rich economy on the Increment protocol. The funding for the Ranked and Honors program can come from:

  • Community Distribution Phase III (7.5% of total INCR supply)

  • Allocation of surplus insurance fund revenue

Start Date & Time: Monday, April 29th, 2024 0:00 UTC

How It Works: Users will be ranked based on their interactions with the Increment protocol. At the conclusion of each corresponding time frame, the following honors will be rewarded:

  • Elite Profitmaxi: Top 8 ranked traders based on weekly Realized Percent PnL

  • Max Bidder: Top 8 ranked traders based on weekly Volume

  • Yield Milker: Top 8 ranked LPs based on monthly Realized Dollar PnL

  • Cred Star: Top 5 ranked governance participants based on the number of times they voted multiplied by their voting power each month. Excludes all token vested addresses.

  • Safu Angel: Top 5 ranked liquidators based on number of liquidations executed each month. In the case of a tie, liquidator with the higher safety module staking multiplier will prevail.


Dollar PnL = (PnL at end of period) - (PnL at start of period)

Percent PnL = (Dollar PnL) / max(200, Starting Deposits + Deposits During Period)

Users will be able to claim digital collectibles on zkSync Era for each honor earned. Holders of the digital collectible will unlock new roles and channels in the Increment community Discord. Each rank and honor awarded will also equate to different points on the 2024 Season Points Leaderboard.

Dune Analytics will be used as the third-party platform to determine and showcase all rankings and honors, as well as the 2024 Season Points Leaderboard in a transparent fashion: https://dune.com/increment/ranked-and-honors

Disclaimer: Use of any decentralized finance application, entails certain risks. Please review Terms of Service and Risks and Disclaimers before interacting with Increment. You should never trade or invest with funds that you can’t afford to lose.

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