Increment's referral program is now live, built and powered by Fuul! With the Increment referral program, affiliates can earn rebates from the trading fees of those they refer, while referees (traders) can enjoy discounts on trading fees by using a referral code.

Joining the referral program is as easy as 1,2,3! To qualify for rewards, users simply need to hold a certain number of INCR tokens.

1) Get your affiliate link, access the interface here to get affiliate link:

2) Share your unique affiliate link with your audience and earn rewards as they convert

3) Access the interface here to claim your rewards:

Users can progress to higher tiers by increasing their token holdings. The referrer reward rate can reach up to 25%, and the trading fee discount can go up to 10%.

The referral rebates and trading fee discounts are derived from the fees for all opening and increasing leveraged trading positions, which are 0.1% of the position size.

About Fuul

Fuul is the affiliate marketing protocol that unlocks trustless growth partnerships between web3 projects and content partners. With Fuul, web3 projects can propose commissions towards specific on-chain conversion events, while content partners (influencers, bloggers, etc.) can refer traffic and earn. Fuul takes care of attribution and handles transaction validation and commission payouts in real time, on-chain.

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