Frequently asked questions

When will Increment be available on zkSync Era?

Increment is a perpetual futures platform that is dependent on other core DeFi protocols like Chainlink and Curve v2, thus once they are available zkSync Era, Increment will be deployed soon after.

In the simplest terms, what can I do on Increment?

Users can interact with the protocol in 4 main ways: 1) Long or short crypto markets with leverage 2) Deposit funds to provide liquidity and earn fees 3) Run liquidator bots to liquidate underwater positions 4) Participate in governance and help decide the future of the protocol

What is the roadmap for Increment?

At a high level, the 2023 Q2-Q3 roadmap for Increment is as follows:
  • Redeployment to zkSync Era testnet
  • Mainnet launch on zkSync Era
  • Develop peripheral contracts
  • API development
  • UX development
  • Release technical documentation
Note that while the long-term goal does not change, short-term plans are often reorganized and changed. If you have any feedback and comments, don't hesitate to reach out on Discord.
Last modified 6mo ago