A paymaster serves as a smart contract capable of facilitating transaction payments on bealf of its users. It executes predefined logic to determine whether to proceed with a transaction. For instance, it can subsidize transactions and offer users the flexibility to cover transaction fees using a range of tokens.

The default method of paying for gas is using ETH. By selecting the hamburger menu and clicking on "Paymaster" you can switch to using other paymaster systems, such as Zyfi which will allow you to pay for gas in another token or provide fee discounts.

Once you've switched to the Zyfi paymaster, all that's required is a simple signature before each transaction.

Between May 8th - June 5th 2024, users interacting on Increment will be eligible for gasless transactions sponsored by Zyfi! You heard it right, 100% off on all gas fees when using Increment! For a limited time only.

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