Which L2 Ethereum infrastructure are you looking to build on?
We are building on zkSync 2.0 to start but it is unlikely for Increment to solely exist on zkSync in the future. After we transition into a DAO governed protocol structure, token holders can propose and vote on a multi-chain deployment, whether it’s on other L2s or L1s, in conjunction with opinions from the core engineers of the protocol to ensure readiness.
In the simplest terms, what can I do on Increment?
Users can interact with the protocol in two ways: 1) Long or short crypto markets with leverage 2) Deposit funds to provide liquidity and earn fees
What is the token distribution and economics model?
Increment has not launched its governance token yet. The tokenomics model and distribution will be released in the future. What is the roadmap for Increment?
At a high level, the 2022 to 2023 roadmap for Increment is as follows:
2022 Q4:
  • Trading competition on Beta v2 and other activities
2023 Q1-Q2:
  • Discuss Increment DAO formation proposal with community\
  • Mainnet launch on zkSync 2.0
Note that while the long-term goal does not change, short-term plans are often reorganized and changed. If you have any feedback and comments, don't hesitate to reach out on Discord.