Ethereum ETF Decision Month: Trading Tournament

Event date & time: May 8th — June 5th 2024 18:00 UTC

There will be four splits in total:

Split 1: May 8th — May 15th 18:00 UTC

Split 2: May 15th — May 22nd 18:00 UTC

Split 3: May 22nd — May 29th 18:00 UTC

Split 4: May 29th — June 5th 18:00 UTC

Entry requirements: During each split, users must have a starting balance of greater or equal to 200 USDC deposited on the Increment protocol.

How it Works:

Participants will be ranked based on their trading Percent PnL.

Percent PnL = (Dollar PnL) / max(200, Starting Deposits + Deposits During Period)

Dune Analytics will be used as the third-party platform determine and display the leaderboard:

Thanks to Zyfi, users can opt-in to use its Paymaster to enjoy gasless transactions on Increment. Yes, you heard right! Users will receive 100% off on their gas when interacting with the Increment protocol using the Zyfi Paymaster.

For a step-by-step guide on how to enable the Zyfi paymaster on Increment, see this link:

For the trading tournament, there are 4 tiers in total: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. At the start of the tournament, all users will start in the Bronze tier.

At the end of each split, users will be either promoted or demoted depending on their rank.


At the end of the tournament on June 5th, each tier will earn from the following prize pools, split evenly among the users:

  • Diamond: 2000 USDC

  • Gold: 1500 USDC

  • Silver: 1000 USDC

  • Bronze: 500 USDC

Other Rewards:

  • As part of Zyfi’s Gas Points program, users earn 100 Gas Points for every 0.00025 ETH (equivalent to $1 at $4000 ETH) spent by Zyfi’s paymasters

  • As part of the Increment Season 2024: Ranked and Honors program, users earn rankings and honors based on their activities on Increment:

  • At the end of the period, all participants who used the Zyfi Paymaster on Increment will receive a unique digital collectible minted on zkSync Era called “Gas Abstraction Orb” to commemorate this event!

Disclaimer: Use of any decentralized finance application, entails certain risks. Please review Terms of Service and Risks and Disclaimers before interacting with Increment. You should never trade or invest with funds that you can’t afford to lose.

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